Dr Vanessa Lin


Founded by Dr Vanessa Lin since 2010, a Veterinary Surgeon with varied
international experience (Australia, Malaysia and Singapore) experienced in
diagnosing and treating animal illnesses and performing surgery. 

MFV pride ourselves in providing the best possible care for our patients and clients.  
We strive to provide high quality, ethical and personalized care for your animals
and giving you peace of mind that you are getting the best advice possible.
We are open and approachable when problems arise and to discuss alternative options
and treatment so to provide accessible preventative health care, to ensure all animals are
offered a chance of avoiding preventable diseases.

Dr Vanessa also has a keen interest in dermatology, soft tissue surgeries and
Chinese medicine therapies for pets. She had worked in an emergency hospital and
gained good experience in caring for critical patients, which demands competence
in treating trauma lesions and correcting medical or surgical disorder.

Whilst we sincerely hope your animal never has a cause to visit us apart from
receiving preventative health care and routine check-ups, please do not hesitate
to contact us if you notice anything unusual or abnormal about your pet or if you
have any questions about or require any assistance regarding your animal.

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